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Even when life slows down, your INTERNET SPEED
Speeds up to 1 Gig.

Take a quick test of your speed!

There are internet providers and then there are INTERNET PROVIDERS. Take the speed test and see how fast (or slow) your internet connection really is. Then see how fast we can help you switch to your local i3 Broadband provider for the fastest high speed internet available – up to 1Gb.

With speeds up to 300x faster than DSL, we deliver bandwidth straight to your front door to light up the internet of things in your home network and on your connected devices. You can stream TV, play online games, download music and video, and upload photos on multiple devices in your home without sacrificing performance.

Stream TV, music and games to all your connected devices!

Our fiber optic network gives you unmatched bandwidth for the fastest streaming video, music, and online games. No more buffering; just real time entertainment as fast as you can soak it in. Click here to learn more about streaming music. Click here to learn more about streaming TV.

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Lightning upload and download speeds, without device overload.

i3 Broadband delivers the high speed internet and performance reliability you’ve always wanted to all your connected devices. This means faster uploading of your favorite photos on social media.

Get unrivaled download speeds of that must watch movie! The future is now; don’t wait to sign up for i3 Broadband.
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Connect all your devices
in your secure home network.

It’s always nice to bring your family closer together and it’s easy when their mobile and gaming devices are all connected through your i3 Broadband home network.

Not only does everyone get high speed internet access, but everyone can stream TV from anywhere in your home. And that’s another reason why you’ll feel at home with us. Learn more

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