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i3 Smart WiFiPowered byPlume HomePass® app

Wildly smart. Wickedly fast. Get wall-to-wall coverage with the speed of i3 Broadband and advanced tech for more control than ever.

Introducing i3 Smart WiFi, Powered by Plume HomePass® app

Self-Optimizing WiFi Impeccable Coverage Future-Proof Your Bandwidth


Consistent speed and coverage with WiFi that proactively adjusts to you.

Buffering is a bad dream of the past! i3 Smart WiFi’s Adapt service delivers ultra-fast, perfectly consistent connectivity across every room. Unlike mesh WiFi setups that only work in a static manner, our system continuously learns and performs self optimizations to keep things running smoothly. i3 Smart WiFi automatically detects the brand and model of your connected devices, ensuring your beloved devices are given capacity to run at full potential.


Intuitive Tools for Managing Users, Devices, & Internet Access.

Access today, gone tomorrow. People come and go from your home, and so should their WiFi access. With i3 Smart WiFi’s Control features, you can create guest passwords with expiration dates for extra security. It’s up to you which devices they can access, from the smart tv to the printer—or internet only. No judgement, we know that ink is expensive.


Best-In-Class Security Powered by AI.

Real-time security is important. That’s why i3 Smart WiFi provides Guard, always-on digital and data security for every device on your network. It filters out suspicious activity and even automatically quarantines devices that are behaving strangely. The system also includes built-in ad blocking for overall smoother surfing.

  • Adblocking

    i3 Smart WiFi helps to filter out content coming from known ad servers, meaning less risk and less annoying pop-ups.

  • Smart Home Protection

    From TVs to toasters, everything is internet enabled these days. i3 Smart WiFi offers an extra layer of security for all your connected devices. More protection. Less stress.

  • Online Protection

    Enjoy a better, safer internet experience with more protection against threats like malware, ransomware, phishing attempts and crypto-mining. Basically, all the scary stuff.


Whole-Home Motion Awareness for Peace of Mind.

Existing smart devices become motion detectors. i3 Smart WiFi includes Sense, an unobtrusive way to gain whole-home awareness. The mobile app shows you movement in the vicinity of each connected device or room on your network. Set up alerts to let you know if there’s movement when you’re out. Don’t worry, it can ignore the movement of pets to avoid false alarms. No need to turn it off, the system automatically registers you’ve arrived when your primary device is home, going above and beyond most common smart home hubs.

Tons of power.
One easy-to-use app.

A Smart House Deserves Intuitive Controls.

The HomePass®app is the key to your connection. Visualize your network by watching devices connect and move from pod to pod in real time with our network topology map. Monitor your speeds over time and review the overall health of all your connections for full performance visibility.

WiFi Interfaces
  • Triple band, simultaneously operating 2.4GHz and 5GHz 2x2 MIMO and 5GHz 4x4 MU-MIMO 802.11b/g/n/ac radios
  • Operating bandwidths of 20/40MHz for 2.4GHz radio and 20/40/80/MHz for 5GHz radios
  • AC3000 Gigabit WiFi (400 + 867 + 1734 Mbps)
Wireless On-boarding Interface
  • Bluetooth® Smart Ready
WiFi Channels
  • 1 to 11 for US
  • 36 to 48 and 149 to 161 for US
  • DFS channels
    • 52-64, 100-144
  • WPA2-PSK (AES)
  • SPI Firewall
  • VPN passthrough
  • WMM, DSCP and 802.1p
Wireless Networks
  • Single SSID covering all 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands with custom guest access through Plume HomePass®
Modes of Operation
  • Router mode with NAT, IPv4 DHCP server and firewall or Bridge operation
  • IPv6 propagation when operating in Bridge mode
Operating Requirements
  • Temperature: 32 - 95F (0 - 35C)
  • Humidity: 10% - 90% relative
  • Power: 110 - 240VAC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption is based on operating use
  • 4.5W Standby
  • 10W Average
  • 15W Maximum
Plug Types
  • US
  • Plugs directly into wall
Ethernet Ports
  • Two 100Mb/1Gb Ethernet ports operating as WAN or LAN
  • Auto-detection of WAN or LAN functionality
Processor: ARM a7 quad core, 717MHz
Ram Memory: 512 MB
Physical Specifications
  • Dimensions: 3.8" x 3.4" x 1.5" (95.5mm x 68.7mm x 39mm), not including plug
  • Weight: 7.65 ounces (217g)

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On Monday, June 8th, we will be upgrading our email platform for all email accounts. You will find a more modern, faster, and more customizable web interface as well as better spam filtering. Here is what you need to know:

-All user passwords will be reset after the transition. Your temporary password will be the first letter of your email address followed by your 6-digit account number (For example: if your account number is #055555 with an email address of, your new password would be e055555). You can change this password when you first log into the new webmail system (

-The mail server addresses configured on your devices will not change and neither will the webmail address. However, you may receive a password error on your devices immediately after the change since your password will be reset. The simplest solution to this is to log into the webmail interface after the upgrade (, and change your password back to the same password you had used in the past. Your devices should then all be able to connect without having to update your password on each device.

-The mailbox storage quota is the same as it has always been: 10GB. There are some cases where the old mail system did not properly enforce this quota and some users have mailboxes with more than 10GB of archived mail. We have temporarily expanded the quota to accommodate these accounts. We will send a follow-up to the accounts using more than 10GB of mail storage requesting that you clean out some old mail to bring your account back under the 10GB limit.

-We encourage all users to take this opportunity to clean out some old mail from your account. This will make your webmail experience faster and ensure that you do not reach your quota. Many users may find that they have large amounts of mail in the Trash folder or other folders that are sometimes created external mail applications. Many users will also have an [Old Inbox] folder from a previous system conversion which may contain a large amount of mail that is no longer needed.