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Anywhere in your home, on any connected device.

The internet has changed the way we listen to music forever (and for the better). If you’re old enough to remember having to wait for hours listening to the radio for the DJ to spin your favorite song, then you truly appreciate the convenience having virtually every song ever recorded just a few clicks away. Whether you want to listen to old favorites, or find new artists, streaming makes music lovers dance for joy.

i3 Broadband customers don’t have to worry about too many people streaming music on too many connected devices. There’s enough bandwidth to go around for every member of your home and any type of music. And every genre is available on services like Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited, Apple Music, YouTube Red, or any of the other hundreds of options that cater to your taste.

If you want to create a setlist for date night, family game night, a dance party, or any holiday, you won’t have to worry about your favorite tune stalling when you’re in the middle of your air guitar solo, ruining the mood at your dinner party, or feeling that awkward silence when you’re hanging out with friends. Or, you can jam out (or chill out) with music streaming in the background without wondering if an internet outage is going to interrupt the fun. i3 Broadband’s fiber optic lines are buried (so weather isn’t a problem) and our customer service is local (like, just around the corner). Play on!

Oh, and if you want to download any of those songs, they’ll be on your hard drive before you can sing the chorus. MP3, AIFF, FLAC, it doesn’t matter how big the file is, with speeds up to 1Gb you won’t notice the difference (except the big difference from what you’d expect from a competitor). With the fastest internet in the city delivered right to your front door you can download and still stream music at blazing bandwidth without skipping a beat.


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