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Our reliable home phone service is the TALK OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD. No dropped calls. No added fees.
No kidding.

When it comes to our voice features,
we’re not just all talk.

One of the great things about home phone services from i3 Broadband is that you can use your landline phone service to talk all you want.

And we’ll give you a lot to talk about since we offer unlimited local and long distance service in the U.S. and Canada as well as over 14 of the most popular phone features, including:

  • Voicemail
  • All call forwarding
  • Speed dial
  • Call waiting
  • Block anonymous calls
  • Block unwanted callers
  • Anonymous call reject
  • 3-way calling
  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting with caller ID
cordless landline phone

It’s easy to have peace of mind.

The security of having a home phone is a must, especially with young kids or older adults who feel more comfortable with its ease-of-use. i3 Broadband Voice provides enhanced 911 services, to help emergency personnel quickly respond, if needed. It will also work with most monitored home security systems.

i3 Broadband Voice will also work during a power outage with the appropriate backup battery installed*. This battery will provide up to eight hours of standby and five hours of talk time to provide you with service even during a power outage.

You can’t rely on your cell phone alone to help keep your family safe.

International service with an affordable appeal.

International calling doesn’t have to cost a lot. In fact, i3 Broadband offers everyday rates as low as 4.9 cents per minute, so you get global reach without out of this world prices. Learn more

Our long distance helps you stay close with others.

With unlimited long distance service from i3 Broadband, you can be thousands of miles away and still feel at home with the people you care about most.

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On Monday, June 8th, we will be upgrading our email platform for all email accounts. You will find a more modern, faster, and more customizable web interface as well as better spam filtering. Here is what you need to know:

-All user passwords will be reset after the transition. Your temporary password will be the first letter of your email address followed by your 6-digit account number (For example: if your account number is #055555 with an email address of, your new password would be e055555). You can change this password when you first log into the new webmail system (

-The mail server addresses configured on your devices will not change and neither will the webmail address. However, you may receive a password error on your devices immediately after the change since your password will be reset. The simplest solution to this is to log into the webmail interface after the upgrade (, and change your password back to the same password you had used in the past. Your devices should then all be able to connect without having to update your password on each device.

-The mailbox storage quota is the same as it has always been: 10GB. There are some cases where the old mail system did not properly enforce this quota and some users have mailboxes with more than 10GB of archived mail. We have temporarily expanded the quota to accommodate these accounts. We will send a follow-up to the accounts using more than 10GB of mail storage requesting that you clean out some old mail to bring your account back under the 10GB limit.

-We encourage all users to take this opportunity to clean out some old mail from your account. This will make your webmail experience faster and ensure that you do not reach your quota. Many users may find that they have large amounts of mail in the Trash folder or other folders that are sometimes created external mail applications. Many users will also have an [Old Inbox] folder from a previous system conversion which may contain a large amount of mail that is no longer needed.