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Billing Questions

• I pay in advance for the month, what exactly does that mean?

You pay for your service a month in advance and prior to using it for the month. Of course if for any reason you need to discontinue service, we will prorate your bill and refund you back any money for unused days of service.

• How long is my introductory rate good for or is there ‘term’ pricing?

Our prices are as advertised which means you don’t have to worry about your price increasing every 3, 6, or 12 months as you may be used to with the ‘other guys’. We can’t guarantee your price will never change, but our track record is pretty good! We have increased our prices just once in FIVE years and we made sure to explain why to anyone affected.

• How do I pay my bill and are there any additional fees for paper billing?

We require automatic payments via a debit, credit, or checking account. If this is not a possibility, you can opt for paper billing, online payments via your website login, or even make a payment at i3 Broadband retail locations. Please be advised that if you must opt out of automatic payments, there is a $5.00/month processing fee added to your bill.

• Where can I see my bill?

Most bills will be emailed to the primary email address on your account every month. If you have opted out of that option, and chose to have a physical copy of your bill sent to you, then you will receive your bill in the mail each month. You can always login to our website and print your bills from home as well. Simply click here, select sign in to MyI3 account, click on the account history tab, and you can see your bills.