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Questions for future customers looking for better service!

  • General Questions More Information
    Less Information
    • Is i3 Broadband available to my home?
    • How much does the service cost?
    • Is the price promotional?
    • How do I sign up?
    • Why do I need to provide my billing information just to sign up?
    • What is so special about fiber optics?
    • How do I schedule the service to be installed to my home?
    • How do fiber optic services work, and how is it installed?
    • Internet More Information
      Less Information
      • What Internet speeds are available?
      • How does fiber optics compare to other Internet services?
      • Can I get an email account?
      • Is there a limit on how much I can download or upload per month, or any data caps of any kind?
      • What are your email server settings?
      • Television More Information
        Less Information
        • What channels are available?
        • What are DVR's and Set Top Boxes? Do I need one at each TV?
        • What is HD? Does it cost extra?
        • What is Whole-Home DVR? Is it included?
        • Voice More Information
          Less Information
          • Do I have to get a new phone number?
          • Are there additional fees for calls?
          • What features are included with my phone service?
          • Will my phones still work if the power goes out?
          • Construction More Information
            Less Information
            • How does the fiber come into my home?
            • How is the fiber optic drop cable buried?
            • Will the cable burial damage my lawn?
            • Will the fiber optic cable burial damage other underground facilities already buried in my yard?
            • How long will the cable be above ground before it is buried?
            • Can I reroute the cable?
            • I need the cable to be buried following a specific path to avoid future conflicts. What do I do?
            • What if I need to have the drop cable relocated in the future?

If you did not find the answer to your question, please call us at (309) 670-1291 or email